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About the Councillors

Here are a list of the active councillors on the Geddington, Newton and Little Oakley parish council. We would be more than happy to speak to you in regards of an issue. Should you wish to speak to speak to one or more councillors in one go please feel free to come along to the monthly public meeting, see the meetings page to find out when the next meeting is.

David Rushton

Village Plan, Social Media & Communications

44, Wood Street, Geddington
07505 023814

Mark Rowley

Chairman, Finance, Village Design
01536 744302

Claire Buckseall

Recreation & Environment, Samuel Lee Charity Representative

7 Chase View Road, Geddington
01536 746229

Anita Curtis

Parish Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer

4 Bright Trees Road, Geddington, NN14 1BS
07780 967225

Angus Gordon

Village Hall, Dallington Charity representative

The Long Barn, 10 Grafton Road, Geddington
01536 745511

David Watson

Vice-Chair, Councillor for Newton, Finance Chair, Rural Forum representative, Internal Auditor

The Red Barn, Newton
07971 177746

Doug Hodkinson

Finance, Village Design, Lighting & Footpaths, Village Plan

33, Wood Street, Geddington
01536 601458

Nick Batchelor

Planning, Samuel Lee representative

1, West Street, Geddington
01536 669533

Terence Bailey

Councillor for Little Oakley

Yew Tree Farm House, Little Oakley

John Padwick

Village Plan

24 West Street, Geddington
01536 746272